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In today’s “age of the customer," consumers have turned the tables on marketers and are now in control of where, when, and how they interact with a brand. As a result, strategic marketing service providers must transform their business from “marketing” (i.e. push) agencies into true “customer engagement” (i.e. pull) providers, where actionable, individual customer listening becomes the first step in true engagement.

"The Provenir platform connects data held in campaign management systems, content management systems, CRM systems, and social media to orchestrate omni-channel customer listening. Serving as the real-time "glue" between existing systems, the platform combines content from many different databases and systems to enable enterprises to perform customer listening before active engagement. The platform maps data sources "on the fly" and can build a real-time view of end-to-end customer journeys."

Gerry Brown, Senior Analyst, Consumer IT and Integrated Media, OVUM

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