Replacing Your Legacy Application Processing System

April 13, 2017

Author: Chris Kneen

It's Hard to Say Goodbye

Saying goodbye is hard. Remember 1993, when Michael Jordan retired (for the first time)? Or, in 1996 when Phil Collins left Genesis? When we spend a lot of time and energy familiarizing ourselves with something, even coming to love that thing, it’s hard to let it go.

Unfortunately, that happens quite often in the software universe. Company X launches a big product and serves a loyal customer base for years until it’s decided that said product is no longer making the ‘core competencies’ list and they send it off into the sunset. It’s part of business, but it’s a significant inconvenience for the people who rely on that software to do their jobs. The process of transition – finding a new solution, implementing that solution, and ultimately re-training your team – can seem like the last thing you want to do during your already busy workweek. Some of you may be going through the process now to find a replacement for your credit application processing system, and we hear you. It’s a pain.

But, let’s zoom in on the silver lining to this situation. Losing an old product doesn’t mean wallowing in despair until a second-rate product shows up to partially meet your needs. Let’s look at this as an opportunity. Step back for a second and you might remember all of those little things about the old system that drove you nuts, all of the hours and dollars you spend hiring programmers to make simple changes, the number of phone calls you made to your vendor for things you should have been able to handle yourself, all of the sleepless nights spent stressing over integrations and automation. Wait. Isn’t all of this groundbreaking technology supposed to make your life easier?

Now, let's take this opportunity to find something better. Find that application processing system that configures to your needs without a single line of code, which integrates at lightning speed, and that actually makes your life simpler. After all, the (first) end of Michael Jordan’s basketball career brought a triumphant return, a record-breaking winning season, three championships (and how dare we forget about Space Jam). And, the end of Genesis, as the world knew it, brought Phil Collins’ solo career. What would the world be without that rendition of True Colors?

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