Banking and Loan Origination Software

Banking and Loan Origination Software

As a lender you know that to compete in today’s digital-first world you need to offer innovative products, fast approvals, and a world-class consumer experience. But you also know that loan origination software, instead of helping, often hinders your ability to make this happen.

With increasing competition from fintechs and growing demands from consumers for real-time loan approvals, are you confident that your technology can be quickly adapted to fit changing business needs?

That’s where we come in! Fill out the form and we will show you how.

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“We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality service to our customers with swift credit decisions and efficient loan application processing. The Provenir solution will help us make decisions in seconds, improve our customer experience and grow our business.”
Petr Baron, CEO of TBI

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At Provenir our goal is to provide loan origination software that enables you to quickly and easily take control of your risk strategy.

Why? Because we get that you need lending software that automates loan origination processes from start to finish. You need a loan origination platform that makes data access quick and easy. You need a loan origination solution that powers real-time decisions.

But you want more than that. You want technology that makes you more competitive. You want technology that drives business growth. You want technology that makes you more agile. You want technology that puts you in control of your risk strategy.

That’s why Provenir puts the power of the risk process in your hands:

  • Power business growth
    Use Provenir’s powerful decisioning platform to automate the lending process from start to finish. Replace manual processing that causes delays and increases costs with automated decisioning to give consumers real-time approvals. Customize processing, whether it’s by creating straight-through processes for simple applications or flagging higher-risk applicants that require additional checks. Return instant decisions with customized rates that win more business.
  • Say yes more
    Quickly test and deploy advanced risk models to approve more applications without increasing risk. Deploy risk models in R, Python, SAS, Excel, and PMML. Quickly implement advanced data science tools, including machine learning and AI, to get deeper insights into data and develop more sophisticated decisioning. Say yes more with smarter loan origination processes.
  • Gain agility and independence
    Take control of your risk strategy by putting technology into the hands of your risk team. Provenir’s low-code platform eliminates vendor reliance and empowers your business users to quickly and easily make changes to risk processes. Use our technology to gain the independence you need to rapidly respond to new opportunities or make strategic changes to head-off evolving threats. Don’t settle for technology that slows you down, instead get a solution that lets your team make changes exactly when they need to.

The Solution to Lending Risk Decisioning Challenges

  • Build your loan origination solution—but not from scratch
    Use Provenir flexible and agile loan origination software to design and create your own unique loan origination solution without having to develop every individual component. Let your team focus on building innovative products and unique decisioning systems using our technology to deploy your digital risk strategies!
  • Future-proof your investment—with an agile and autoscaling solution
    Create a future-proof automated loan origination system that can scale and adapt with your changing business needs. Provenir supports microservices, APIs, auto-scaling using a multi-cloud environment, so you can create a unique technology stack that is fast, easily adaptable, and can auto-scale as your processing needs grow.
  • React to new risks more quickly—with a model agnostic, low-code platform
    Use Provenir’s model-agnostic, low-code platform to let your business users quickly react to new risks. With the low-code platform you reduce dependence on overworked dev teams and put the power of changing processes in the hands of your risk team. The easy to use, drag and drop interface makes it easy to make changes and the model-agnostic platform eliminates recoding delays that slow down your ability to react to new challenges. With Provenir, you can make process changes exactly when you need to.
  • Simplify data access—with Provenir’s Integration wizard
    Be more confident in your decisions by making data source integration quick and easy. Provenir’s integration wizard simplifies data source integration to both internal and external data sources and lets business users manage integrations with drag and drop mapping! Give your team easy access to the data they need to drive more advanced origination that results in increased decisioning accuracy.
  • Learn more from data—using advanced data science tools
    Use advanced data science tools within the Provenir Platform to get deeper insights into decisioning data. Take advantage of Provenir’s pre-built integration to easily bring Amazon ML into your risk strategy to drive advances in decisioning accuracy.
  • Make real-time approvals—automate decisioning from end to end
    Use Provenir’s powerful automation capabilities to approve applications in real-time. Create straight-through processing or complex decisioning processes that flag applications for additional approval processes to power real-time decisions for thousands of loans—across multiple product verticals—per second. Reuse processing components throughout business processes to reduce product launch times.

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