Risk Analytics Is Not the Future

Author: Chris Kneen

Risk, or Potential?

The greatest trick the cloud ever pulled was convincing the world that it was a singular thing. The cloud was never one thing: It is a mellifluous many-thing; it’s an amorphous galaxy–an evolving hybrid of private and public–ever-expanding and all-encompassing. In a recent report on the state of cloud adoption, 1,400 IT professionals reported a startling jump: Hybrid cloud deployments are up nearly 40% from 2015 to 2016. The cloud has evolved into something like the ecosystem inside a human cell: It’s a small world inside a bigger one.

There’s no theoretical limit to this growth: The cloud is the dimensionless “construct” room from The Matrix, and with the rise in cloud-based everything comes the increase in the number of channels that present risk. One of the most overlooked aspects of the cloud reality, however, is the potential an organization can find within the risk. The ability to streamline data from multiple apps into one place, and, more importantly, to predict has uncovered serious business potential.

That’s why it’s entertaining to the think of the expanding cloud ecosystem, and the risk that comes with it, like the “construct” room from The Matrix: All you should need to change rules, increase speed and predict opportunities is imagination.

Risk Analysis is Survival in the Here and Now

Here’s the good news: The imaginative work is already done for us. Risk analytics and machine-learning decisioning is a future-that’s-already-here solution. The most forward-thinking organizations are already deploying predictive tools to help them foresee risk outcomes and identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities from within decisioning data.

Simultaneously, when risk analytics are at their most user-friendly, they can reduce the number of tools that are absorbing an organization’s costs like a sponge.

Yes, rattling off theories about the future of technology is easy in the age of AI. Everyone has theories about the big hack that is going to end everything. Data-based predictions, user empowerment, and agility in the real and present are far more valuable.

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