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SME Lending


Automated risk decisioning to support an unrivalled digital experience

  • Delivers a standardized world-class customer experience
  • Globally deploys a single best-practice process using a microservices architecture
  • Automatically adjusts processes based on location and client-specific rules and policies
  • Gathers the right data automatically
  • Has a flexible and full scalable decisioning solution

“With Provenir, we have autonomy and flexibility; we can deliver a best-practice experience in every branch through automated processes that capture the rules and decisions made by our most skilled representatives.”


The Challenge

BBVA is a leader in digital banking. As part of an ambitious and unrivalled digital transformation project, BBVA wanted to create a clear brand experience across their global footprint. To deliver on this goal, BBVA needed to deploy processes that supported a standardized experience around the world. A key principle of the bank’s digital plan is to offer the best possible customer experience through repeatable, customer-focused processes delivered on a global scale. To do this, BBVA wanted flexible, scalable technology, that provides the independence and control to deploy consistent processes across thousands of branches. Considered within this framework, BBVA wanted an enhanced risk decisioning solution for their commercial and SME business lines. 

The Solution

BBVA implemented Provenir as the risk decisioning engine powering its SME and commercial business lines. Why? Because Provenir had the proven flexibility, scalability, and robust architecture needed to support BBVA’s global digital transformation plans. One of the deciding factors was the platform’s microservices capabilities, which enables the bank to design software once and deploy it worldwide. Provenir’s flexibility empowers BBVA to create standardized decisioning processes that can automatically adjust to the variations required for each location, individual customer, and type of customer. BBVA is using Provenir to power its client analysis— including rating and limit setting—and underwriting. Implementation has been completed in BBVA’s largest markets, Spain, Turkey and Mexico, and there are future plans to implement an EWS (Early Warning System).

Why Provenir

“With Provenir, we can deliver a best practice experience in every branch through automated processes that capture the rules and decisions made by our most skilled representatives,” says Lorenzo Blesa Sánchez, Head of Risk & Finance Engineering. The Provenir platform is also used to analyze the risk level for the customer and the customer’s type of business. The result is automation of data collection for the decisioning process. “Provenir lets us quickly tailor the data we need for the particular situation, and having the flexibility to implement models in different formats is a key advantage of the platform. Autonomy is also very important to us – after the initial training from Provenir, we have been able to carry out developments independently and with little need for support. ” says Lorenzo. BBVA believes that Provenir is a key component for meeting its goal to deliver outstanding service consistently. “Many of our commercial customers are multi-nationals who interact with multiple BBVA branches around the world. With a global risk decisioning platform, we can leverage the information collected in one location to serve the company in other parts of the world, simplifying their interactions and offering them a high-quality, consistent process. Provenir has helped us improve our customers’ perceptions and experiences with BBVA.”

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