Decisioning Technology that's Flexible, Scalable, and Fast

When you’re a financial services organization operating in a digital-first market, you need a risk decisioning and data science tool that makes you more agile, more competitive, and puts you in control. That’s where the Provenir Decisioning Platform comes in.

The Provenir Platform is a sophisticated and flexible Risk Decisioning and Data Science solution that puts powerful decisioning and analytics technology in the hands of your business users.

With Provenir, you’ll have the power to quickly react to new opportunities, the technology to drive and support business growth, the independence to take control of your risk strategy.

Take control of your risk strategy with decision software that gives you agility, flexibility, and independence

Your team can use Provenir to tackle virtually any risk decisioning or analytics workflow. You can use the Platform’s power and flexibility to handle thousands of different processes including loan origination, merchant onboarding, KYC, credit risk analysis, behavioral and predictive scoring, financial analysis, risk rating, business reporting, underwriting, and collection strategies.

Provenir’s digital decisioning Platform provides a low-code, drag and drop interface that puts the power of designing, creating, testing, deploying, and updating processes in the hands of your business users.

Provenir’s low-code Risk Decisioning and Data Science Platform:

  • Rapid risk decisions made in milliseconds with instant, straight-through processing for credit and lending requests.
  • Increased independence. No coding. No dependency on Provenir. Enhance business agility using configuration tools that allow clients to quickly create, test and deploy automated risk analytics and decisioning processes.
  • Quick integration to structured and unstructured data sources. The Provenir integration wizard simplifies integration to virtually any enterprise and third-party data source. Learn More About Data Sources & Integration
  • Sophisticated risk modeling. Natively operationalize scorecards and risk models in hours. Provenir is model-agnostic so you can use any model or scorecard developed in industry-standard tools such Python, R, Spark, TensorFlow, SAS and Excel within your decisioning processes. Learn More About Risk Models
  • Unique flexibility and scalability. Provenir Platform is architected to meet the most demanding scalability requirements with its autoscaling support, meaning challenging events such as Black Friday are more easily met successfully, Horizontal and vertical scaling ensures consistently high performance of your decisioning.

Risk decisioning and data science technology that fits your business

Choose how you want to deploy the Provenir Platform with Cloud and Multi-Cloud support. Provenir offers a highly secure environment with flexible options for domain setup, managed services, deployments and scalability.

Technology that evolves and grows with your business:

  • Support enterprise growth. Precisely manage load with the autoscaling.
  • Always on. Meet your SLAs with a minimum of fault tolerance to 99.5%. Provenir offers an option for guaranteed 99.95% fault tolerance
  • Maintain security. Keep business logic, data and resources secure with Provenir’s extensive set of security capabilities.
  • Simplified maintenance. Efficiently manage your environment using the one-stop Provenir interface.
  • Multi-cloud. Deploy Provenir in multiple cloud environments including AWS and Azure.
  • Learn more about Cloud deployment with Provenir Cloud + Multi-Cloud

A Data Science Platform that helps you get to market faster

Empower your team to take new products and services to market faster with the Provenir Platform. With Provenir your team can take control of rapidly building and deploying the models, integrations and processes you need to successfully launch in record time.

Build with speed

  • Drag and drop functionality. Put the power in your hands to create full-stack, cross-platform apps. Use fully visual development tools or add your own code if desired.
  • Single-click deployment. Enable your team to deliver apps and update them with one click.
  • Mobile development. Offline data synchronization, native device access, and on-device business logic with ultra-fast visual modeling makes mobile development a breeze.

Risk decisioning and data science technology that keeps you connected, now and in the future

Data is power, it doesn’t just help you identify market risks and opportunities, it also lets you understand your business better. With new data sources emerging on a consistent basis you need to be able to connect with and use that data as quickly as possible. Provenir’s integration wizard makes data integration and orchestration quick and easy:

Integrate with everything:

  • Prebuilt integration adapters. Connect to Salesforce and AmazonML with pre-configured adapters.
  • Integration wizard. Simplified visual integration and drag-and-drop mapping make connecting to data sources, whether internal, external, structured or unstructured, simple and quick.
  • SOAP and REST APIs. Integrate with SOAP web services and REST APIs with no coding.
  • Data when and where you need it. Orchestrate data across systems with workflow and business logic.
  • Learn more about Data & Integration with Provenir and Provenir for BI & Analytics

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