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Nordics Data breakfast – on-demand


Leveraging Data Access for Improved Fraud Prevention, Compliance and Credit Risk!

Democratized data access will enable financial services organizations to improve fraud detection, more easily meet compliance needs, and ensure financial inclusion. Accessing and integrating a variety of data sources also allows for a better understanding of customer behaviors, the ability to expand to additional market segments, and faster reactions to changes, allowing fintechs and financial services organizations to scale their business, get ahead of the competition, and offer a superior customer experience.

Join us for our Data Breakfast where we are joined by key data providers from the Nordics and discover why leveraging the right data at the right time is key to the future of data consumption.

Key Highlights:

  • How to develop your data strategy to optimise decisioning, improve compliance and more easily detect/prevent fraud
  • Understand how simplified access to alternative and non-traditional data can reshape your business
  • The ways integrating real-time data, including alternative data sources, can help you manage risk, explore new opportunities, and respond to market changes faster.

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