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January 27, 2023

World-Class 30 Second KYC Through Biometric AML Checks

Key Benefits

  • KYC & AML verification software. Taking KYC to new levels with Face Match, Liveness and OCR of 16,000 global government documents. Reduce your fraud and customer drop off with the world’s most reliable biometric technology.
  • UK’s broadest coverage of consumer data. Supercharge your verification rates with the largest data of consumers in the UK.

“Since implementing APLYiD solution we’re now seeing a 35% uplift of customers moving through our onboarding process.”

Mark Balich, Head of Product, Latitude Financial Services

AML and KYC: building the best customer experience

APLYiD brings to the market, the fastest, most reliable, trusted biometric technology to verify your customers identity for AML compliance. APLYiD specializes in advanced biometric ID verification technology. Our SaaS solution provides a simple, superfast biometric ID match and check service that complies with regulatory legislations in every country in the world.

Expand Your Data Ecosystem.