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March 3, 2021

Make better credit decisions with Argyle. 

Key Benefits

  • Streamline underwriting, eliminate fraud, make funding decisions instantly. Access your customers employment records instantly with their consent – automating income, employment and identity verifications, removing operational overhead, and eliminating fraud by leveraging source employment data.
  • Increase capture rates while improving customer experience. Increase capture rates by underwriting more customers than ever, including gig economy workers and federal employees, with the most comprehensive employment record ecosystem to date. Say hello to a seamless customer experience without paystub uploads.

“Argyle helps us make faster, more accurate decisions. If we save $35,000 for every loan we avoid defaulting, the return on investment is infinite.”

Rohit Mittal, CEO at Stilt

Millions of employment records at your fingertips.

Argyle is the trusted gateway for employment data. Our platform is the first to provide user permissioned (read: future proofed and user-friendly), continuous access to a user’s profile, employment, and income history. Our customers grow their businesses by reaching new market segments (e.g., gig economy workers, federal employees), increase operational efficiency through automated VoE/VoI, decrease fraud and default with real-time payroll source data, and streamline their user experience.

Lenders, banks, insurance companies, and fintech institutions leverage Argyle to verify employment and income, provide earned wage access, decrease risk and fraud rates, underwrite loans, and automate direct deposit switching, among other use cases.


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