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Credit Assist

May 27, 2021

Highest integrity commercial credit reports and bespoke solutions

Key Benefits

  • Unrivaled credit data and risk management solutions. Credit Assist is renowned for having the highest data integrity and predictive accuracy of risk ratings and credit limits, comprehensive payment profiles, personalized customer service and bespoke risk solutions.
  • The world’s leading source of global business information. Access to worldwide credit reports, covering over 365 million companies in 220+ countries, allowing you to scale up your business with confidence.

“We fi­nd Credit Assist’s quality of data to be exemplary, we enjoy a personalized level of customer service support, and the entire solution is extremely cost effective.”

Top Tier Bank

Protecting businesses against late payments and bad debts.

Credit Assist has a fully global solution and our data is delivered in a bespoke manner for each client according to their own requirements. Ease of use, combined with exceptional customer service and the highest levels of data integrity, result in Credit Assist providing the best overall ‘value proposition’ in the market.

Our bespoke Live Ledger Analysis credit management platform will also enable businesses to have a holistic view of where the risk lies across their portfolio of customers using a live data feed of their risk indexes, credit limits, payment data and more.

We can supply much more up to date and meaningful data when monitoring your existing customers and assessing how to trade with new ones.

Expand Your Data Ecosystem.