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February 16, 2021

Embedded Scoring: The Confidence to Say “YES”

Key Benefits

  • Embedded scores from smartphone and web behavioral metadata. Credolab develops credit scores based on mobile and web-behavioral data to help lenders take a new approach to assessing risk and say yes more often and more confidently.
  • Non-personal metadata. Credolab uses non-intrusive and anonymous metadata to score customers. We are in full compliance with local data privacy laws, as well as GDPR. Our goal is to protect a customer’s privacy while empowering them financially.

“With credolab, we are now focusing on making our application and underwriting process more efficient so that we can extend credit to a broader market without compromising on our cost of risk.”

Vijay Manoharan, CEO of CIMB Ban

About credolab

We believe loans improve lives. We also believe traditional banking processes leave a lot of people out of the process. That’s why credolab is changing the way the world looks at credit. Our pioneering technology calculates credit scores based on people’s mobile and web behavioural data — so lenders can make decisions based on the way people live and work in the modern world. Making loans more accessible to more people benefits everyone.

Established in Singapore in 2016, we have partnered with more than 90 lenders to power almost USD 2 Billion in loans issued across 25+ countries.


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