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DML Connect

November 24, 2022

UK Consumer Data for Identity and Fraud Verification

Key Benefits

  • Access to the Largest Global Consumer Data Universe. The DML consumer database offers a diverse range of data that helps clients create a holistic view of an identity. Using the data for IDV, KYC, AML and track & trace enables any company to detect fraud at an early stage.
  • Comprehensive UK Home Movers Database. Transactional property data, providing information on the status of a property. Details for the property being listed, sold or withdrawn and when this transaction occurred. Ability to track individuals back to previous addresses.

“We have worked with DML for years and the relationship has only strengthened. The team assists with our data requirements and are extremely proactive; a great company.”

Team TwentyCi

Use the Power of Data to Make Decisions

Data provider offering comprehensive global coverage of consumer data including name, address, date of birth, email and telephone number, which can be used by companies for Identity verification, KYC, AML and more. Seamless API integration enables businesses to quickly confirm if an individual is who they claim to be.

Age verification services to comply with e-commerce and gambling legislations.

Home mover and property data can be used to track and trace individuals to their previous address as well as being able to verify where they live.  


Expand Your Data Ecosystem.