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September 8, 2022

Finvu – RBI Licensed Account Aggregator for Consent-Based Sharing of Financial Information

Key Benefits

  • Now build financial service journeys instantly with easy onboarding. Finvu Account Aggregator is an RBI licensed NBFC Account Aggregator in India. We provide the platform that enables secure sharing of trusted data between financial institutions. API enabled secure and instant access to financial information based on customer consent.
  • Reduce customer drop-outs by 50% and prevent fraudulent information. Get customer financial information from multiple banks, investments, insurance, etc. instantly and securely with customer consent. Reduce your drop-outs by 50% as customers can securely share their bank statements and other asset information for loans and investment advisory. Prevents fraudulent information from being shared as the information is sourced directly from the banks and financial institutions.

APIs to access customer financial information instantly and securely

Use account aggregation to get access to customer financial data and provide personalized experiences for your customers. The account aggregator APIs are offered as a service and are easy to integrate.

Get periodic access to customer financial data with a single consent request. Multiple consent requests are not required as the consent architecture is flexible and allows for periodic access to data with a single consent.

Expand Your Data Ecosystem.