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March 30, 2022

HooYu – KYC and customer onboarding platform 

Key Benefits

  • Making the KYC Journey Smarter for Customers. HooYu combines UI & UX features with a range of KYC tools. Dynamic customer prompts, device language detection, reminders, customization, and customized journeys all help to maximize the success of customer onboarding journeys. 
  • Prevent fraud with powerful identity technology. HooYu seamlessly blends a range of identity verification tools to check that there is no fraudster hiding behind the transaction.

“HooYu has created the best possible KYC process when customer documentation verification is required.”


The completely configurable customer onboarding journey.

HooYu is a global customer on-boarding platform that provides UI & UX tools to deliver customized mobile or desktop digital journeys. HooYu is engineered not only to increase the integrity of KYC processes but to maximize the percentage of customers that can be successfully on-boarded. We are the first identity platform to blend ID document validation, digital footprint analysis, geo-location and facial biometrics with traditional database checks and PEPS & sanctions screening. 


Expand Your Data Ecosystem.