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January 4, 2022

IDology, A Smarter, Multi-Layered Identity Verification Provider

Key Benefits

  • ExpectID® Drive revenue, remove friction and fight fraud. The ExpectID platform uses a multi-layered process to validate an identity, enabling you to make quicker, smarter decisions. The results go far beyond basic data matching by providing predictive, intelligent identity information and analytics.
  • ExpectID® IQ Dynamic, Out-Of-Wallet KBA. ExpectID® IQ is a dynamic knowledge-based authentication solution that asks consumers a series of relevant, multiple-choice, “out-of-wallet” questions. IDology’s ExpectID IQ is the most flexible and robust knowledge-based authentication solution on the market, providing dynamically generated questions to even thin-file customers.

IDology, the Trusted Leader in Digital Identity Verificiation

IDology, a GBG Company, offers identity verification and fraud deterrence for businesses worldwide. Our innovative, multi-layered solutions provide precision and transparency needed to build trust in a digital world. Through a combination of dedicated fraud experts and artificial intelligence, IDology leverages thousands of physical and digital data sources to deliver the industry’s most accurate locate results.

With frictionless, cross-border, digital identity verification, IDology helps businesses stay ahead of shifting fraud trends and empowers them to build trust, deter fraud and maintain compliance for long-term revenue growth. Many of the largest technology and financial services companies in the world rely on IDology’s innovative multi-channel identity verification technology, consortium network and diverse team of dedicated fraud experts.

Expand Your Data Ecosystem.