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LexisNexis Risk Solutions

February 20, 2024

Digital Identity Intelligence

Key Benefits

  • Maximize trusted consumer experience and mitigate risk. Powered by digital intelligence gathered from billions of global transactions, we provide insights with advanced analytics to help you make more informed and automated risk-based decisions.
  • Enrich credit decisions across the customer life cycle. Access robust insight into consumer life events, not just at loan origination but throughout the relationship life cycle. From initial customer targeting to credit risk management to ongoing account management, we can help you grow your business while managing risk exposure.

Capture more revenue while delivering excellent customer experiences

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is a trusted leader in providing organizations with actionable insights to manage risks, find opportunities and improve results. We understand what it takes to navigate the evolving world of risk management and deliver targeted solutions that empower well-informed decisions. 

At the core of our vision is the integration of two of the most polarized, yet crucial strategic initiatives: meeting increasingly high expectations regarding customer experience while remaining vigilant to risk, escalating fraud and compliance. Our solutions help businesses make more confident trust and identity decisions across the entire customer journey. Partner with us to confidently capture more revenue while delivering excellent customer experiences.


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