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March 10, 2023

SME Lending Powered by Real-Time Financial Data

Key Benefits

  • Better data. Better credit decisions. Monto’s API provides a detailed, real-time view of SME business performance. We collect, standardize and visualize data from leading accounting providers to help lenders make faster and more accurate credit decisions.
  • Enhance your processes while improving the user experience. With Monto, lenders can easily authenticate borrowers and start working with high-quality data. Depending on your specific needs, our connectivity can make everything from data collection and onboarding to loan underwriting more efficient.

“The process of sharing financials is very easy with Monto. Our applicants can grant access to their accounting software in seconds.”

Float Lending

Your single access point to SME financial data

Monto is a Stockholm-based fintech that helps Nordic SME lenders harness the power of real-time data. We combine smart tech and deep industry know-how to help fintechs, banks, lending brokers and BaaS platforms make better credit decisions, streamline processes and improve the customer experience.

With Monto, lenders no longer have to rely on manual, dated or mediocre data sources in their credit reviews. Our API unlocks instant access to up-to-date income statements, ledger quality, financial ratios, and more, fetched from leading accounting software providers in Sweden. We also provide a visual interface that allows credit teams to gain a comprehensive financial understanding of their connected borrowers.

Our platform is tech agnostic and available for a free trial.


Expand Your Data Ecosystem.