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Nova Credit

January 27, 2023

Expand Your Credit-Eligible Universe

Key Benefits

  • Unlock new markets and optimize funnel conversion. Access trusted financial data to open new consumer segments, offer new products, and create loyal customers for life — all while maintaining your risk profile. Minimize your acquisition costs by optimizing your funnel conversion rate. Consumer-permissioned data gives you the confidence to approve more of the people that you’ve already attracted to your product offering.
  • Reduce portfolio risk and automate income verification. Respond to uncertain economic conditions and develop loss avoidance strategies by improving your risk assessment with up-to-date credit risk information. Automate your income verification processes with Cash Atlas™ and reduce time to fund. This solution helps increase applicant conversion rates, reduce manual intervention to review document uploads, and improve visibility into debt-to-income ratio and true income.

“We’re removing a barrier for millions of newcomers to the U.S. who arrive and instantly lose access to the credit history they built elsewhere.”

Atul Ranjan – Vice President, New Account Underwriting, American Experess

Building a fair and inclusive financial system for the world

Nova Credit is a consumer-permissioned credit bureau that helps businesses make more fair and informed decisions on millions of ‘thin file’, no credit history, or new-to-country applicants. The Credit Passport® unlocks cross-border credit bureau data to help businesses underwrite new-to-country newcomer populations. The Cash Atlas™ provides greater insight into the cash flows of any applicant, including verifying their income with greater precision than alternatives.  Businesses use these products to approve more applicants without taking on more risk, and consumers are empowered to put their best foot forward in their applications.


Expand Your Data Ecosystem.