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April 20, 2022

The first API for payroll data in Latin America 

Key Benefits

  • Make better underwriting decisions with payroll data. Palenca connects companies to user-permissioned employment data. Validate historical and real-time income data directly from user’s income and employment sources.
  • Easily validate identity and employment instantly. With Palenca, access your customers employment records with their credentials and their consent, helping reduce fraud and optimize your KYC process.

Palenca, the first payroll API for Latin America.

Palenca’s software strives to become the most widely integrated Payroll API system in all LATAM. Through integrations with gig-economy apps, HR, e-commerce, and government platforms, we can bring rich risk and income related user data to financial, insurance and recruiting firms in just a fragment of a second.

With Palenca’s tool, companies can provide background checks, check payroll data, and real time behavior analysis for their end-users. Through these, firms can reinforce their internal evaluation processes for hiring and underwriting credit as well as access payment retention for loans and direct-deposit-switching for accounts.

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