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May 9, 2024

Smart credit decisions through digital footprints

Key Benefits

  • Recognize solvent borrowers with no credit history. We help financial institutions enter emerging markets. We analyze the borrower’s email, phone number, IP address and location to return 300+ data about the borrower with a ready-to-use digital credit score.
  • Effectively prevent default in the early stage. We provide actionable signals from 60+ social and digital platforms with a large amount of client insights. We also combat risk through advanced name verification and face recognition techniques.

“RiskSeal provides a detailed profile for each applicant, covering their social media and online activities. They also return a very accurate Digital Credit Score. This helps us make informed decisions.”

Tymur Bugaevskiy – Head of Data Science, OnCredit

Credit Scoring and Risk Assessment Through Digital Footprints

Tailored financial solution. RiskSeal is an exclusive digital credit scoring solution tailored specifically for the financial industry.

Scoring and decision system. Our solution goes beyond simple data enrichment – it’s a complete user scoring and decision-making system.

In-depth digital profile analysis. Using just a user email, phone number, and IP address data, RiskSeal analyzes a customer’s digital footprint and provides their detailed digital profile.


Expand Your Data Ecosystem.