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February 21, 2023

WISE EKYC – an AI-Powered Identity Verification Solution

Key Benefits

  • Instant identify verification and authentication in under three minutes. Transform identity verification with WISE EKYC, an AI-powered technology that delivers a fast and seamless customer experience. Say goodbye to time-consuming and manual onboarding. Experience effortless identity verification in under three minutes.
  • Lower cost with enhanced security. With WISE EKYC, companies can achieve lower costs and enhanced security in their onboarding processes by eliminating human verification costs, while AI can provide a more secure solution. Say goodbye to expensive manual processes – choose eKYC for a cost-effective and secure solution.

“We have no doubts about WISE AI, and we encourage industry players to explore what WISE AI can offer to their ecosystem.”

Richard Ker, Head of Innovation & Industry Development, Cyberview Sdn Bhd

Empowered Organizations with AI-Powered Identity Service

  • Expertise with proven business use cases in Financial Institutions, Fintech, Government Services, Education, Certificate Authority and many more
  • Technology house with the ability to localize the technology and the processes to meet the regulations and policy needs
  • Technology is verified and tested by NIST from US, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • The solutions comply with the regulations and policies under the central bank of Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Covering over 190 countries, national IDs and Passport


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