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Targeting classes C, D and E, fintech Jeitto adopts Provenir’s technology to improve the efficiency of its credit granting system


March 22, 2023 | Jonathan Pryer

Decisional platform will be applied in the financial services provider’s credit granting, analysis and reanalysis processes

São Paulo, March 14, 2023: Provenir, a global leader in AI-powered data and risk decisioning software for fintechs, announced today that Jeitto, a fintech with a digital credit solution for classes C, D and E, has chosen the company’s data and artificial intelligence decisioning platform to optimize its credit operations.

Founded in 2014 and with more than 4 million registered customers and about R$570 million granted, the Brazilian credit app has adopted Provenir’s scalable cloud-native solution to support its data-driven decision management in its credit granting, analysis and reanalysis processes. Among other benefits, the platform enables customized credit decisions for each different trading partner (BNPL) and easier integration.

“Since 2022, we have been making a series of improvements to our platform, seeking to offer our clients an even better experience. The selection of Provenir is part of this process and will give us even more agility in the management and adjustment of credit strategies, which is one of our main assets with our customer base,” says Fernando Silva, CEO and co-founder of Jeitto.

The main objective of selecting Provenir is to increase Jeitto’s capacity to grant credit and control risk factors to its operation and greater agility to deal with changes in the profile of the target market.

Through the Jeitto application, in addition to access to credit, customers manage their daily finances, including payment for utilities, transportation, and cell phone recharges. 

Jeitto is an important partner for people in their first experience with banking and financial services. The company aims to expand access to healthy credit to increase the financial strength of families, boost trade, empower the population, and promote more opportunities to access a wider range of financial services.

“We are very pleased to partner with Jeitto to serve an important contingent of Brazilian consumers in an intelligent and innovative way,” says Jose Luis Vargas, Executive Vice President for Latin America at Provenir.

“Our platform will offer Jeitto agility in managing and adapting to existing credit strategies, besides facilitating the creation of customized strategies and allowing personalized credit decisions through the powerful level of security offered by Provenir,” concludes Vargas.

Provenir’s industry-leading AI-powered and data and decisioning platform empowers fintechs and financial services organizations to unlock the true value of data by combining on-demand access to data with simplified AI and automated real-time decisions. With more accessible and usable data and AI, financial institutions can automate complex decisions that drive excellent customer experiences, addressing identity, credit, and fraud for faster integration and maintenance.

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