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Provenir announces its first client in Colombia: Creci


March 4, 2020 | Jonathan Pryer

Provenir announces its first client in Colombia: Creci

Provenir and Creci partner to drive lending innovation, agility and credit risk management to provide social impact companies with faster access to funding.

Miami, Florida – March 4, 2020 – Provenir, a leading risk analytics software company, today announced Creci as a new client. Creci is a Colombian-American Fintech specializing in providing credit to small businesses, both in Latin America and the United States, that generate social impact and are focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Objectives defined by the United Nations.

Creci—a new start-up based in Hollywood, Florida, with offices in Medellin—chose Provenir to meet all of its credit risk decisioning needs. With Provenir, Creci will approve loans instantly through its digital platform and operationalize risk models in real time using the integrations offered by Provenir, thus ensuring future business agility and growth.

Andres Idarraga, CEO and Co-Founder of Creci, explained, “In order to develop our own risk decision models and at the same time meet our goal of empowering small businesses that generate social impact, we needed to digitize our processes. So, we are happy to be working with Provenir, an industry-leading technology company that works on solutions for leading fintech and global financial institutions.”

“We are very excited to have Creci as our first Colombian client using Provenir’s innovative platform, it will help manage not only their real-time risk decision processes, but also ensure an openness to technology and a speedy market entry. Creci is a unique institution in its market, as it is 100% dedicated to financing projects with social impact. And, I am sure that the growth of innovative companies in Latin America, such as Creci, offers a huge opportunity for Provenir and our region,” said Gaston Peralta, Director of Business Development for Latin America.

Provenir offers a unique and innovative product to help small fintech companies control their credit risk and in turn powers the growth of SME and individual lending in Latin America. In addition, Provenir supports other financial institutions, such as banks and neo-banks, to manage their risk exposure using solutions that allows them to quickly and easily implement their own strategies and risk models. Which means, that businesses can focus on powering growth and providing a better experience for their users. “Provenir makes the same advanced and innovative technology used by leading global financial institutions available to our region” added Gaston Peralta.

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