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Provenir Expands Risk Decisioning and Data Science Platform to Lead Digital Transformation in Financial Services


June 20, 2019 | Jonathan Pryer

Provenir Expands Risk Decisioning and Data Science Platform to Lead Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Provenir to showcase expanded data science capabilities, enhanced user interface, and multi-cloud support in live Provenir 9 Platform demo.

New Jersey, US – Jun 20, 2019Provenir, leader in decisioning and analytics software, today announced the launch of Provenir 9, the latest version of their cloud-based Risk Analytics and Data Science Platform. The latest release is designed to continue to power financial services organizations to rapidly implement digital innovation strategies. The enhanced user experience simplifies the deployment of advanced risk decisioning and data analytics tools, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, in a multi-cloud environment.

Empowering business users to drive digital innovation

With leading financial services organizations across the globe striving to digitize their products there is a growing demand for a solution that empowers businesses to offer more innovative services to their customers, “We’ve seen a surge in financial businesses trying to get ahead of the digital transformation curve.” Says Veejay Jadhaw, Chief Technology Officer at Provenir, “They look to Provenir to provide the technology and support to build a flexible and future-proof platform that will keep them ahead in a rapidly evolving and increasingly demanding market.”

With version 9 of the Provenir Risk Decisioning and Data Science Platform, Provenir has significantly enhanced their ability to help both fintechs and financial services organizations expedite digital transformation and create innovative risk strategies. “It’s exciting to watch clients leveraging Provenir’s technology to test new ways to use data and advanced data science capabilities to make smarter decisions in real-time. They’re driving not just their own business forward, but the financial services industry as a whole.”

A future-proof risk analytics solution with real-time auto-scaling and multi-cloud support

The latest version of the Provenir Platform is the result of extensive consultation with industry-leading clients, many of which are looking for technology that can power innovative credit products with sub-second approvals to meet the growing demands of consumers and increasing competition from digital disrupters. To meet this need Provenir 9 offers real-time auto-scaling and multi-cloud support, giving financial services organizations an agile and scalable solution that can quickly adapt to support business growth. “At Provenir it’s our goal to provide clients with a solution that not only helps their business grow but also grows with their business. The Platform is designed to meet evolving business needs, making it the perfect foundation for the digital transformation of financial services.”

Provenir will demo Provenir 9’s expanded capabilities on a live webinar and invites teams at financial services organizations to register for the demo at

Say hello to Provenir 9 — The Risk Decisioning and Data Science Platform your risk team will love

Meet Provenir 9: Enhanced user experience, expanded data science capabilities, and new multi-cloud support. Our most advanced, business user friendly Risk Decisioning and Data Science Platform to date.

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