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Provenir Introduces Industry-Leading Data Cloud + Marketplace to Support Rapid Product Innovation and Superior Customer Experiences


March 31, 2021 | Liz Upson

Access to Global Fintech Data Ecosystem Accelerates and Improves Risk Decisioning

Parsippany, NJ, March 31, 2021Provenir, a global leader in risk decisioning and data analytics software, is pioneering how fintech organizations access a greater variety of data to support rapid product innovation and superior customer experiences via the launch of the Provenir Data Cloud and the Provenir Marketplace

Data-as-a-service will define the future of data consumption. The Provenir Marketplace provides organizations with a one-stop hub for easy access to traditional fraud, credit, identity, open banking, and alternative data, bringing offerings from global data providers together in an easy-to-use cloud solution.

With the Provenir Marketplace, users can select specific data sources through the Data Cloud’s single API to create rich, customized datasets that best meet their needs. With fully maintained API connections to all data providers and a no-code interface, users can easily connect to new data sources in minutes and test data across their decisioning processes. Rapid integration provided by Provenir eliminates the need for extensive internal development resources.

“Innovative fintechs are using a greater variety of data to drive superior customer experiences,” said Larry Smith, Founder and CEO of Provenir. “The Provenir Data Cloud in conjunction with the Provenir Marketplace is a fintech data ecosystem designed to empower organizations to launch new products in record time, enhance the customer experience, and accelerate and improve the accuracy of their risk decisions.”

Provenir partners with local and global data suppliers across every continent to support single and multi-country strategies. The Marketplace is currently comprised of 25 partners providing a breadth of data sources. New data providers are joining the Marketplace at a rapid pace, and Provenir expects to triple the number of partners by the end of 2021.  

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