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Introducing the newly redesigned Provenir Platform

The future is now.
Introducing the new
Provenir Platform.

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Discover What’s New

Coming Soon: Our newly redesigned user interface and advanced functionality – because we’re always working to make the Provenir Platform better for you.

Some of the exciting features incorporated in the upcoming release include:

  • Redesigned studio interface, offering you a more human-centric user experience, optimizing processes, and improving navigation.
  • Changes to AutoML models to increase speed of delivery:
    • Deliver value in the short-term with AI while gathering additional data to build an optimized model.
  • Expansion of role-based permissions to configuration (service) level and to individual business objects:
    • Apply granular access control to different user groups, allowing you to segregate access across multiple project streams and business functions, so you can meet the necessary security requirements.
  • Batch decisioning feature to allow you to easily expose decision graphs as a batch process:
    • Simplify the build processes reducing development effort and time to market
    • Reduce the amount of required code
    • Optimize batch processing time with autoscaling
    • Standardized approach to batch processing

The all-new Provenir Platform – better enabling you to maximize every digital customer interaction.

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Want to learn more about the Provenir unified platform? Contact your CSM for more details.

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