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Best 2020 Fintech & Banking Podcasts that Inspire us

February 15, 2021 | Cheryl Cross

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Many airports are only partially operating, activities are canceled, and plans are postponed. But even though you are stuck at home trying to balance work and home life, you can still stay up to date with fintech and banking industry developments.

For example, podcasts! Are you already a podcast fan? If not, now is the perfect time to try listening to one, or many… Satisfy your eagerness to learn by listening to great industry-related podcasts that connect you to inspirational leaders from around the world, and allow you to learn from industry giants who are creating world-class consumer experiences.

We have curated a list of refreshing financial podcasts, broken down by language, featuring outstanding influencers and leaders. Fuel your industry passion for future projects, digitization, financial inclusion, inspiration, and much more by tuning in to these fascinating Fintech & Banking podcasts.


BBVA, microfinance, the main driver of financial inclusion in Latin America.

Financial inclusion is a key factor in reducing poverty, inequality, and boosting a country’s economic growth. In Latin America, according to ECLAC data, on average only 45.8% of people over the age of 15 have access to the financial system. Giovanni di Plácido, head of Analysis and Studies at the BBVA Microfinance Foundation, analyzes the importance of microfinance in promoting financial inclusion. Specifically, he explores the work that the Foundation is doing in Latin America to eradicate poverty and promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

Financial inclusion – special guest Ignacio Carballo

This edition explores a social problem of global significance: financial exclusion. Ignacio Carballo, Director of “Fintech & Digital Banking” at UCA, economist, teacher, and researcher, analyzes how relevant fintechs are and could take on the quest to break down barriers to financial access.


Marcus by Goldman Sachs: Digital Banking Built for the Consumer

Many fintech firms struggle to gain scale, funding, and brand recognition in an increasingly crowded banking ecosystem. Leveraging the power of digital technology and over a century’s worth of brand expertise, Goldman Sachs introduced its consumer banking platform, Marcus, in 2016.

Through acquisitions, partnerships, and significant organic growth, Marcus has grown into a multiproduct platform, with billions in deposits and loans, and millions of customers — all without the traditional bank/branch model.

Dustin Cohn, Head of Brand and Marketing for Goldman Sachs and the Marcus brand, discusses the building of a new digital banking brand within a legacy financial firm and the mission of creating a unique customer experience.

Klarna: The Value of Ideas ft. Laurel Wolfe

This podcast explores how some of the most exciting global fintechs market themselves and adapt to changing consumer habits. Laurel Wolfe, VP of Marketing, talks about her life before Klarna and her fascination with the payments space.

Laurel reveals how Klarna’s marketing team works, their philosophy, in-market challenges, and some of their standout campaigns. She also discusses the brand refresh (from blue to pink) and how ideas are sold and developed internally at Klarna.

Digital Payments Innovation: Is this the end of cash?

Jennifer Duncan – VP of Global Government Innovation at Mastercard, Chirag Patel – Global Head of Payments at Santander, and Mario Shiliashki – CEO of Payments at PayU discuss digital payments innovation. The current pandemic has accelerated the global shift away from cash and move towards digital payment solutions, this episode dives into some of the global challenges, including,  what will a move to a cashless society mean for financial inclusion, what are the potential repercussions in terms of data and privacy, and what are the risks when big tech enters the payments and personal finance markets?

Analyzing the SoFi-Galileo acquisition with Anthony Noto (SoFi CEO) and Clay Wilkes (Galileo CEO)

In this exclusive Wharton Fintech podcast, Antony Noto (SoFi CEO) and Clay Wilkes (Galileo CEO) discuss their most recent transaction: the SoFi acquisition of Galileo. They talk about the challenges of executing this transaction during the pandemic, what motivated SoFi to consider Galileo as a vital strategic alternative, global expansion, and what new products they will build.

Anthony and Clay also discuss the mission of evolving financial inclusion for millions of disadvantaged consumers.

Mastercard CEO: Pandemic is pushing adoption of digital tech.

In this episode, Ajay Banga, CEO of Mastercard, discusses how the global pandemic has impacted MasterCard´s business, what economic recovery will look like, and when it’s coming. Banga believes the crisis will likely speed the adoption of digital technologies, and while this can be a great equalizer, it can also deepen divisions. Banga has a passion for financial inclusion – under his leadership, Mastercard has launched roughly 1500 products designed to promote financial inclusion. Those projects have touched some 500 million people in 80 different countries.

Petr Baron, CEO of TBI BankThe phygital bank model and digital transformation’

Petr Baron, CEO of TBI Bank discusses TBI Banks’ transformation, their phygital model, and how he envisions banking changing out of the current coronavirus crisis.

Building a Customer-Centric Culture with David Vélez, Founder and CEO of Nubank

Nubank’s CEO talks about his life experience and his determination to build a customer-centric company culture that also takes care of employees. David argues that the current crisis doesn’t necessarily create any new trends, but instead accelerates several tendencies and behaviors that were already taking place such as digitalization to more flexible remote working policies. However, more importantly, David is convinced the pandemic is forcing companies to rethink their values and embrace a much broader view of capitalism, through a model that requires companies to show integrity and take care of their customers, their people, their communities, and the environment. As evidenced by their recent actions, Nubank is certainly adopting this philosophy.


“Bate-Papo” with Thiago Dias, one of Latin America’s leading Fintech experts

In this episode, Thiago Dias talks about Financial Inclusion, PIX, Super Apps, and Fintechs in Latin America.

Blockchain in the Brazilian banking market

Renato Lopes, Enterprise Architecture Manager at Itaú-Unibanco talks about its trajectory to become one of the biggest blockchain references in Brazil.