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Cloud Computing: Where it Began

April 25, 2016 | stratabeatit

We think of cloud computing as a very modern-day technological advance, and it’s true that pioneering developments have moved the technology on this century. However, cloud has its origins many decades ago, in the humble beginnings of mainframe computing and its ethos can be seen in virtualised systems of the 70s.

Follow the evolution of cloud through our infographic Cloud Computing: Where it Began and see how, in the modern era Amazon has paved the way, making cloud available to the masses and not just techies.

Today it is hard to distinguish between offerings – cloud is becoming commoditised. The next generation of cloud computing will deliver more value by automating everything from request to deployment and configuration.

We’re now starting to see the ‘super cloud’ or ‘cloud +1’ which sits above the cloud, offering businesses a ready-to-go system; a one-stop-shop as it were. This will need an easy to use visual front-end so that users can assemble cloud ‘building blocks’ for a total solution.

The financial industry has been traditionally slow on the uptake of cloud technology, but this is changing. In a Cloud Security Alliance survey last year, 61 per cent of respondents admitted that a cloud strategy is only in the formative stages within their organisation. With the capabilities cloud offers, banks and other financial institutions can’t afford to ignore the cloud; with it, they can do more with less and reduce high in-house IT costs.

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