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Commercial Loan Origination, Are Lenders Walking A Tightrope Without A Net?


January 14, 2021 | Jonathan Pryer

Many commercial lenders are hovering on an origination tightrope of sorts.

On one hand, there is a need to respond to evolving regulatory requirements with increased transparency and efficiency of data across business lines.  Commercial lenders also must be flexible and scalable enough to manage new risks evolving from more loosely structured lending agreements being driven by an increasingly competitive landscape.

On the other hand, commercial lenders have to balance technology mandates and initiatives across corporate stakeholders, limited budgets and stretched or lacking resources while always keeping an eye on the prize – maintaining and growing market share.  Improving the overall customer experience therefore through quicker response times and automation across origination, funding, underwriting of loans, portfolio and risk management is imperative.

Which commercial loan origination vendors offer the proverbial “catchall” net?

An in-depth evaluation of the commercial loan origination vendor space was the subject of an Aite Group Target Report recently released entitled Commercial Loan Origination: Evaluating Scale-Enabling Vendors.

In this Target Report, Aite Group’s senior analyst David O’Connell discusses the key trends driving the need for automation across the global commercial lending origination market, evaluates the current vendor space and provides a market forecast outlining the roadmap to success for commercial lender origination systems.

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