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Credit Decisions in “Less than 30 seconds”


January 14, 2021 | Jonathan Pryer

Retailers offering consumer credit options want to return accurate credit assessments quickly to give customers good service.

How a flexible risk decisioning platform can help do this was the subject of our webinar with Lewis Group. The leading retailer has simplified its customer acquisition and maintenance processes in over 700 stores in South Africa.

Senior Solutions Analyst Willie Van Zyl, tells how, with Provenir it has cut the time it takes to make the majority of its credit decisions to, “less than 30 seconds” once the required details are captured, and enjoys the flexibility of being able to make updates to business process rules quickly and simply as change happens.

“We didn’t want a black box solution that can only be viewed by its inputs and outputs. Over time this becomes a major obstacle, especially for future developments. We wanted a system that can be integrated to any other database or other system without spending weeks and weeks on development time. Our new system needed to be easily maintained but yet be flexible enough to accommodate future requirements,” says Willie.

“Migrating to Provenir made a big difference to us. We are now left with a flexible, understandable, maintainable and cost-effective credit system.” 

Will Van Zyl, Lewis Group

Anjali Joglekar, Client Solutions Consultant at Provenir talks about equipping finance service providers with the power of change, giving them agility so they can cope with the changing environment, achieve speed to market and see end results.

Dip into the webinar to learn about the industry and operational challenges faced by consumer lenders and how Lewis has met them head-on.

Credit Decisions in “Less than 30 seconds”