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It’s Not Us, It’s You: Our New Customer Centric Website

August 28, 2019 | Evan Facinger

Someone at a party once asked me what I do. So, I told her:

“I’m the content marketing manager at a company that provides risk decisioning technology to financial services organizations.”

She asked me to repeat myself.

Thinking she’d misheard I said it again.

Then she told me she was trying to memorize it so she could use it as a response when she didn’t want to talk to people at parties…

Was I offended? Maybe a little, but let’s face it, financial services and the technology powering them don’t exactly scream sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat excitement. Unless you’re into that kind of thing.

But what she didn’t get from my stock response to her question is… that I actually love my job


Because I get to work for an organization and marketing team that prioritizes innovation and that isn’t scared to be different. The phrase, “That’s not done in our industry.” Is seen as an opportunity for change and a challenge to do things differently, not a rule we have to follow. Case in point: our new homepage.

Provenir Risk Decisioning Homepage

We don’t look like our competition

You’ve probably noticed that it’s not your average technology company website. It’s not that we were trying to avoid that look and feel. It’s because we believe that our website should be an accurate representation of our business and a traditional technology design just doesn’t fit who we are. In one of our recent blog posts, we wrote about UX in digital banking and shared the advice:

Be bold and cohesive: Create a look and feel that doesn’t just digitize the brand’s mission. It is the mission

Our website isn’t just a digital platform for the company, it embodies who we are. It’s a snapshot of our business. It grows, develops, and adjusts in a symbiotic relationship with the team and product. It supports growth, announces change, and is often the first interaction potential clients have with the company. It’s a fully-fledged, open and honest, representation of who we are, what we do, and what we want to be.

And, it looks nothing like our competitor’s sites.

In fact, it actually looks more like our client’s websites:

Walking the walk: our website is our mission

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals. To help them be what they want to be for their customers. To help them power innovation.

And, when we talk to potential clients about how we can help them achieve their goals it isn’t enough to just talk the talk, every part of the business needs to walk the innovation walk, especially our website.

With our new homepage design, we’re aligning our website not just with our own business, but also with our clients. Innovators don’t turn to traditional companies for innovation advice, they turn to a business that’s looking to the future, a business that sees “that’s not done in our industry” as a rule to be broken, a business that sees things differently.

So, while stepping away from the look of a technology company is a risk, it’s a bold decision that challenges the status quo and more accurately represents Provenir as the innovative business it is.

Step 1. Be bold. Step 2. Be cohesive.

One of the things we’re incredibly meticulous about at Provenir is that our brand is cohesive, from corporate content to sales collateral, our digital and in-person messaging all tells the same story about who we are, what we do, and how we help our clients.

In fact, when I was planning this article, I looked back over the evolution of Provenir’s website since its first iteration in 2001 and found that while the look of the site changed, our messaging has been consistently the same:

Provenir Infographic Website Changes

The language that’s been used over and over again is around how we help our clients be more competitive, plan for the future, innovate, and gain control of their risk strategy so that they can achieve their goals.

How is it possible that our messaging hasn’t changed in 18 years? It’s not because we’re lacking the imagination to think up something new… it’s because it’s inherently true to who we are. It’s the foundation of what makes Provenir, well, Provenir.

So, while the words we use may have changed, at its heart we’re still telling the same story. And, it’s easy to be cohesive with your story when that story is true.

But obviously, we know that we’re not perfect. And, we’re always looking for ways to improve. Which means, unless the data says otherwise, it’s not ok for us to deliver the same message in the same way for the next 18 years.

It’s not us, it’s you: Same message, different delivery

As part of the homepage overhaul project we also completely reworked the website content and navigation. So, while our messaging stays the same about who we are and what we do, how that message is being delivered is a new strategy. We’ve switched the focus of our website content: it’s no longer about us, now it’s about you.

Out with the old: When potential clients came to our website to look for solutions to their challenges or technology to help them achieve their goals, instead of finding a menu that made it easy to get to relevant content, they got a menu that focused on who we are and what we do. Instead of finding content that addressed specific goals or problems, they found content about the features of our technology.

While it was absolutely delivering the information they needed, how the messages were delivered was complicating the user journey. With our new homepage, content, and navigation we’ve taken a huge step closer to our clients.

In with the new: Now, instead of a big picture look at the features of our technology, our content focuses on how we can help our clients solve specific problems and achieve business goals. Website visitors can tell us what purpose they need technology for, and we’ll take them to the content that best addresses their needs and cover how Provenir fits within their business. It’s the concierge in the hotel lobby, the tour guide showing you around, and the teacher that encourages you to achieve more.

As a business we don’t ask our clients to fit their business around our technology, we make our technology fit their business needs. So why should our website be any different?

We’re also trying something new, something not done in our industry…

We’re addressing what we don’t do.

We’ve always been open about what our product can do, but we’re now openly talking about what it doesn’t do. We’re taking honesty about our product to a whole new level by comparing Provenir to alternative options including in-house builds and loan origination systems. Why? Because we’re not always the right fit for a business’s needs, and if there’s a better solution then it makes sense for us to let them know. We want to build an honest and open relationship with potential clients. We want them to trust that if we say we’re the best option for their needs it’s because we believe we are.

What better way to build that trust than to acknowledge that there are alternatives to Provenir?

How about jumping one step deeper and providing the information that helps people understand when the alternatives are a better fit for their needs than we are?

So that’s what we’ve done!

This is just the beginning…

I’ll let you into a secret, we’re only at the beginning of our website redesign project! But we couldn’t wait to share our new look. Over the next few months the rest of our website will be updated to ensure the look and feel of our homepage carries through to the rest of the site.

So, for anyone looking to update their digital presence I’ll leave you with the advice I shared earlier:

Be bold and cohesive: Create a look and feel that doesn’t just digitize the brand’s mission. It is the mission