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Top Innovation TED Talks That Inspire Us


June 28, 2018 | Jonathan Pryer

When it comes to innovative thinking, TED Talks are the perfect source of inspiration. Innovation is often at the heart of TED Talks, whether it’s advances in technology, unique approaches to solving problems, or how simple solutions can create big changes in the world. So what better way to fill down-time or occupy your daily commute than listening to the latest TED speakers? Even watching just one quick video per week can help expand the way you think and help you create change within your organization!

The Provenir team has already curated a selection of their favorite TED Talks that cover the topics of fintech and innovative lending solutions over the last few weeks, this week we’re exploring the world of innovation.

Innovation isn’t always easy; in fact, it can be a challenge for many businesses. If your organization is looking for ways to create change, or already in the middle of an innovative shift, taking a few moments to listen to industry leaders explore the subject of innovation is a great way to recharge and get inspired. We’ve selected 4 TED Talks from innovative thinkers who explore the ways a business can create an innovative culture, provide strong leadership in an ever-changing landscape, and how big data can impact a business.

If you’re looking for innovation inspiration, these 4 TED Talks are a great place to start!

How Women in Rural India Turned Courage into Capital

In the financial services industry we often talk about the need for truly personalized products, products that are built around your customers’ needs and accessible exactly when and where they need them. In this awesome TED Talk Chetna Gala Sinha shares the story of how her community chose to innovate a new banking solution when traditional institutions failed to provide for the needs of her local community. It’s a fascinating and inspiring tale of how a small group of women developed a new banking solution that now serves 100,000 women in the region.

The Art of Innovation – Guy Kawasaki

If your business needs an innovation jump start this funny and inspiring TEDx Talk from Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist at Canva, is essential viewing. In fact, even if your business is successful at driving innovative advances you’ll still take something away from this incredible TEDx Talk. Guy Kawasaki turns innovation into an art form and gives business leaders 10 simple pieces of advice that will shift innovation from a business strategy to an organizational culture.

5 ways to lead in an era of constant change – Jim Hemerling

With digitization bringing huge changes to many organizations how do you get your team not just on board, but excited about, the organization’s future? In this TED Talk Jim Hemerling, Senior Partner at the Boston Consulting Group, outlines five ways you can help your team see change as an opportunity instead of a threat. This enlightening talk can help your business thrive in the digital world.

The human insights missing from big data – Tricia Wang

In today’s data focused world, data is at the heart of innovation in many organizations, and while information helps businesses discover new opportunities it’s also important to look at the big picture when pushing change in your organization. In her eye-opening TED Talk Tricia Wang, fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, asks the question: why do so many businesses make bad decisions? Tricia discusses the dangers of relying on big data alone, especially when making innovation decisions, and how ‘thick’ data can help a business get a better understanding of both their customers and the marketplace.

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