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Trending in Risk Analytics

July 24, 2017 | Jonathan Pryer

Every so often, we look back at the content our authors have shared to evaluate the most popular topics in our corner of the risk analytics universe. I love seeing the trends and topics that pick up steam, so I thought you might find the breakdown interesting as well.

Without further ado, here are the three most popular articles that have been featured on the Provenir blog this year (so far).

On Becoming the Most Wanted Data and Analytics Firm in Europe

In April, our very own Adi Bachar-Reske interviewed Magnus Silfverberg, CEO of Bisnode. They talked trends in data and analytics and dove into Bisnode’s quest to become the ‘most wanted’ data and analytics firm in Europe. You can read the insightful interview here.

Microservices for Loan Origination

We, like everyone else these days, have Microservices on our mind. (Self-promotion warning: Provenir is ahead of the pack when it comes to the concept of modularity and reuse. End self-promotion.) So, our team shared a bit on the history of Microservices. Is it truly the fulfillment of the SOA, loosely-coupled promise? What are the benefits? Find out here.

3 Reasons to Use Salesforce for Credit/Loan Origination and Risk Decisioning

This article was published back in September of 2016, but it remains one of our most-read articles through 2017 to date. For those of you looking to use your Salesforce data throughout the loan origination process, check out this write-up.

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