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Collateral to get your head in (our) clouds

Discover more in-depth information on everything from AI and alternative data to future-proofing your BNPL technology or speeding up your SME lending. Explore infographics, eBooks, whitepapers and more to help power your risk strategy.

Loan Origination for Credit Unions

Credit Unions are known for their ability to provide excellent member service, and have the flexibility to be ...
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Provenir Explainer Video

Provenir explained in less than 2 minutes At Provenir, we help make risk decisions for payments, lending, and ...
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Salesforce for Loan Origination

Manage Loan Origination and Underwriting Within Your Salesforce Environment Why is this interesting? Most financial institutions have to ...
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If You Can’t Onboard your Merchants in Minutes, Your Competitors Can

When it comes to merchant onboarding, speed can be make or break. Agile, tech-forward acquirers know this and ...
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Why Size Matters in Merchant Onboarding

The merchant onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance processes are critical components of the card acquiring industry, ...
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Is Your Digital Mortgage Experience Falling Behind?

How to Keep Up in Today’s Digital Mortgage Revolution Why read the whitepaper? This eight page white paper ...
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