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A Microservices Architecture in Financial Services


February 19, 2020 | Jonathan Pryer

Is your financial institution making the move to microservices?

The Microservices concept presents itself as the fulfillment of Service Oriented Architecture’s (SOA) loosely coupled promise – the answer to your development woes. Is it really a silver bullet, or should we tread cautiously?

This nine-page overview of microservices illuminates the architectural concept through the perspective of its:

  • Context
  • Advantages
  • Challenges

Download the whitepaper to gain a foundational understanding of the architectural trend in the financial services industry, and to pick up a stellar visual comparison of Microservices vs. Monolith from page 3.

“Successful companies should be afforded agility in implementation and change. In other words, our customers should be able to move the Lego blocks as they need to.”

Director of Solution Architecture, Provenir