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Accelerate Application Delivery with Provenir’s Unified Cloud Solution


January 1, 2021 | Jonathan Pryer

While the decision to take advantage of the cloud may be an easy one, choosing the right cloud implementation is not so simple.

Companies need a cloud environment that offers a robust set of tools and features to support business agility, flexibility, security and growth.

Provenir offers a highly flexible environment, with multiple options for Platform as a Service (PaaS) and managing application business logic. This flexibility lets you choose an implementation that best suits your needs while reaping the advantages of an agile, business-focused cloud environment.

The heart of Provenir is the Provenir risk analytics and decisioning Platform, which has been providing innovative analytics and decisioning, integration and orchestration capabilities for more than 15 years. By combining the power of the Provenir Platform with Amazon Web Services, Provenir Cloud delivers the ideal environment for developing, testing and deploying new applications that help you gain the competitive advantage.

  • Achieve business flexibility. Choose from three PaaS models and two models for managing business logic to best accommodate your business and budget requirements.
  • Ensure uptime. Meet your SLAs with a minimum of fault tolerance to 99.5%. Provenir Cloud offers an option for guaranteed 99.95% fault tolerance.
  • Support enterprise growth. Precisely manage load with the ability to manually or automatically scale up or down on demand.
  • Maintain security.  Keep business logic, data and resources secure with Provenir Cloud’s extensive set of security capabilities.
  • Simplify maintenance. Efficiently manage your cloud environment using the one-stop Provenir Cloud Portal.

“The Provenir solution is an important element in this transformation. We’re pleased with how quickly we’ve been able to develop an end-to-end efficient workflow; the interface is so visual that it is simple to design effective, transparent business processes.”

-Agur Jõgi, Chief Technology Officer, Bigbank

Provenir Cloud Key Features

Options for PaaS Models

  • Complete cloud maintenance by Provenir Cloud Administration.
  • Complete cloud maintenance by Provenir Cloud Administration with a secure VPN connection to your infrastructure so that on-premise resources can be used in cloud-based decisioning processes.
  • A development and QA environment within Provenir Cloud with production using your system and network infrastructure.

Options for Managing Business Logic

  • Provenir manages the complete application lifecycle including development of business logic, promotions and production.
  • You create and maintain your business logic and promotions with Provenir managing production.

High Availability

  • Standard availability provides fault tolerance to a minimum of 99.5%.
  • Optional high availability offers fault tolerance of 99.95%.

Robust Disaster Recovery

  • Mechanisms include daily database snapshots, multi-region database replication and Amazon Machine Images for the Provenir Platform.

On-Demand Scalability

  • Quickly scale horizontally and vertically in response to increased load. Scaling can be done manually or using an automated scaling algorithm. The Provenir Cloud environment can also scale down during times of decreased load.

Robust Security

  • Every client is provisioned with dedicated resources including a virtual private cloud, database and server instances to isolate business logic, data and resources.
  • All data that enters the Provenir Cloud environment uses secure TLS to encrypt data between components as well as 2048-bit asymmetric encryption to store any sensitive data that is persisted to data stores.
  • Firewall protection allows only whitelisted IP addresses. Use security groups to manage whitelisted IPs.
  • Security vulnerability scanning comes standard, and penetration testing is available as an option.

Professional Cloud Maintenance

  • 24×7 proactive monitoring with optional client alerts.
  • Automatic Provenir Platform upgrades, security patches, and new features.
  • Automatic upgrades to take advantage of the latest Amazon server and service technologies.

Simplified User Management

  • The Provenir Cloud Portal provides a single, unified environment for administering your cloud resources and viewing all informational, warning and error log messages.
  • Maintain your company accounts and Access Control Lists in the portal.

Easy Application Extension

  • The Provenir Hub offers pre-configured integration interfaces to data sources including credit bureaus, validation services, Google/Amazon services and Amazon Machine Learning services. These promote quick integration to significantly reduce time-to-market for your Provenir solutions.

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