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Customer Training Sessions


May 16, 2021 | Liz Upson

Provenir Essentials Trainings

To maximize your ROI, we recommend Provenir Essentials training for all new or existing Provenir Studio users to build proficiency. The Provenir Essentials course equips users with the essential knowledge needed to configure and maintain the Provenir Platform.

  • In this course we will closely examine the components of the platform and students will gain the knowledge needed to implement/maintain an application.
  • At the conclusion, participants will be able to implement configurations using workflow best practices and have the knowledge to maintain and operate the system.
  • Participants of this course will have a chance to complete various hands-on practical labs associated with each lesson.

Provenir Essentials is designed to familiarize students with all out of box Studio Objects and Configuration creation used to design and implement various Business requirements. By utilizing the Provenir toolset such as Provenir Foundation Adaptors, Document Templates and Business Objects effectively, Provenir users can create configurations that they can leverage for additional business requirements.

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