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Salesforce for Loan Origination


May 21, 2021 | Jonathan Pryer

Manage Loan Origination and Underwriting Within Your Salesforce Environment

Why is this interesting?

Most financial institutions have to manually extract and duplicate data from Salesforce to complete required credit checks, risk scoring and due diligence processes using legacy systems.

What will I learn?

  1. How Provenir’s Salesforce adapter allows you to use a single dataset between CRM and your risk analytics and decisioning processes.
  2. How to quickly and easily automate complex analytics and decisioning processes for credit and loan applications –within your Salesforce environment.
  3. Other ways the Provenir adapter extends the value of Salesforce through KYC and compliance, marketing and cross-sell, and business analytics.

“Manual, disconnected credit and lending processes are being weeded out and replaced with digital, automated solutions. This is progress. But for complete efficiency, risk analytics and decision-making should be tied into other business systems.”

Paul Thomas, Managing Director, Provenir