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Buy Now, Pay Later: Automated Decisioning Technology for a Frictionless Customer Experience


October 14, 2022 | Jonathan Pryer

The Buy Now, Pay Later market continues to grow and diversify. New providers are still emerging, partnerships between fintechs and larger, traditional banking institutions are solidifying – and consumers are getting more and more demanding. Sixty percent of customers abandon applications for unsecured lending products during digital onboarding, due to slow or complex application processes and a lack of(real or perceived) security. Whether you’re a new entrant to the market or a seasoned BNPL provider, providing a frictionless customer experience is critical to maintaining your competitive advantage. But how can you stay ahead of the competition and still effectively manage your risk?

Key Highlights:

  • Why a unified platform for data, AI and decisioning can help you analyze and action your data (including decisioning performance data, credit risk, fraud and compliance) for flexibility and scalability throughout the entire customer lifecycle
  • How easily accessing a variety of data sources(including alternative data) via a single API, offers a more holistic view of your customers, and encourages financial inclusion
  • The importance of automated decisioning for real-time approvals and a frictionless customer experience
  • How to develop, deploy and adapt sophisticated risk models without heavy reliance on your vendors/partners – getting you to market faster than your competition