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On-demand: How well do you know your customers?


October 3, 2022 | Jonathan Pryer

15th November, 11am GMT

Identity and Fraud Prevention in an Increasingly Digital World

The financial services landscape is shifting, rapidly. And in this increasingly digital world, consumers have demanding expectations – including instant credit approvals, rapid onboarding, and personalized offers. Alongside these increased expectations is a rising cost of living, bringing more financial crime, fraud, and identity theft – making understanding your customers more critical than ever.

There is no shortage of data available to the financial services industry, yet many financial institutions struggle with data integration that minimizes risk and delivers value to the customer. During this discussion, you’ll gain insight into how real-time data can help improve fraud prevention and identity verification, power faster, more accurate risk decisions, and ensure superior onboarding experiences.

Key Highlights:

  • Gain insight into the latest consumer and industry trends and threats, including app fraud and identity theft
  • Why enhanced mobile data is key to improved identity verification
  • The ways integrating real-time data, including alternative data sources, can help you manage risk and better understand your customers
  • Why simplified data integration is critical for instant approvals and frictionless onboarding experiences
  • How to utilize advanced analytics to optimize pricing and make more personalized offers, without increasing your risk


Corinne Lleti
Commercial Director
Keiron Dalton
Chief Product Officer
James Brodhurst
Principal Consultant
Resistant AI