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What’s Next for BNPL in North America and how to Prepare For the Evolution


July 21, 2022 | Jonathan Pryer

An e-commerce staple in certain regions, the Buy Now Pay Later wave is now having its moment in North America, with experts projecting the industry growing 10-15 times its current volume by 2025. As with most things in fintech, the landscape of BNPL – including regulations, providers, products and platforms – is changing, rapidly. Consumer expectations continue to grow, with 80% of consumers ranking speed as a key buying factor.

Join us for this panel discussion where we will discuss all things BNPL, including onboarding, the customer journey, how the North American landscape and associated regulations are changing – and how to ensure you are prepared for the evolution.

  • The way advanced technologies like AI/ML and automated decisioning can help you respond to market needs and shifts quickly, while managing risk effectively
  • How the use of alternative data can help you say yes to more customers and encourage greater financial inclusion for the underbanked
  • Why balancing customers experience and frictionless onboarding with fraud prevention and accurate decisioning is critical to ongoing growth
  • What the future holds for BNPL regulations and the ways we can future-proof technology to ensure compliance


Kathy Stares, EVP Americas, Provenir

Rob Seidman, Head of Product, BNPL/POS Lending, U.S. Bank

Josh Williams, CEO, Seattle Bank

Moderator: Todd Anderson, Chief Content Officer, Fintech Nexus