KYC Compliance & Merchant Onboarding

Increase onboarding efficiency by automating and simplifying KYC, AML and other onboarding processes.

Provenir’s unified risk analytics and decisioning Platform can automatically gather data from multiple systems and bureaus, standardize and analyze it to drive a decision. With Provenir, you can complete KYC, AML and other compliance processes in minutes, offering clients quick onboarding while improving compliance at lower cost.

  • Easily configured adapters facilitate fast integration with internal and external systems and bureaus to automatically aggregate all of the data required.
  • Dynamic business rules ensure only the right data is aggregated, eliminating expensive, unnecessary calls to bureaus and third-party systems.
  • Automated standardization creates data uniformity across multiple data formats, countries and currencies.
  • Automated workflow identifies, verifies and validates the customer, performs checks and flags areas of potential risk.
  • Adapters extend the value of current compliance systems as you can easily use Provenir to aggregate, standardize and pass data to existing systems.
  • Business-friendly configuration tools let users quickly create, test, modify and deploy rules, processes, user interfaces and integrations to increase business-level control and agility.

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