Integrate to structured and unstructured data sources in hours

Provenir integrates with the most in-demand data sources, whether structured or unstructured, to make integration quick and easy. If you want to integrate with something new, Provenir gives you the power to create integrations in a visual environment without any coding or dependency on us. Simply use our flexible technology to integrate with sources in just a matter of hours.

Building Your Risk Analytics Ecosystem

Organizations are increasingly dedicated to the insight and efficiency that can be gained through integration. For many, the question is no longer "Will we integrate across systems?" but "How do we decrease the cost and pain of integration to realize a justified return?"

To make the answer simple, Provenir offers different routes to connectivity:

  • Adapters—to connect with popular data sources with ease
  • ProvAPI—to develop and expose business functions as discrete services

Provenir Integration Adapters

Our clients use the Provenir Adapter technology to create integrations with some of the most popular data sources in the financial services industry, including FICO, Bisnode, Experian, Moody’s, Kelley Blue Book, TransUnion, and many others.

Our integration capabilities offer:

  • Connectivity, security, transaction support and data conversion/parsing
  • Two-way communication so you can listen, gather, evaluate, orchestrate, analyze and respond.
  • A visual or graphical data mapper guides the user through the task of establishing the integration and mapping the required input/output data.
  • Visual testing to check the accuracy of the integration – tests can be run independently, or placed in a business logic process for a more comprehensive test. (Provenir provides instant feedback along with a detailed breakdown of the results to show you exactly what happened during the test.)

In addition to our flexible integration platform we also offer a selection of pre-built adapters:

Provenir Integration Adapter For Salesforce

Salesforce is the go-to customer relationship management (CRM) solution for many financial services firms. By pairing Provenir with Salesforce, you can:

  • Eliminate the manual work required to move data between legacy systems with Provenir’s ability to listen for, read, and write data into and out of Salesforce.
  • Automatically decision applications, displaying results to your loan originations interface within Salesforce.
  • Leverage information aggregated from Salesforce and other systems to generate customer-specific, real-time sales and marketing offers.

Automate analytics and decisioning processes for credit and loan applications from within your Salesforce environment.

Watch the demo

Amazon Machine Learning Integration Adapter

Using this adapter, Amazon’s Machine Learning service automatically feeds the predictive score returned by the Amazon Machine Learning model into the risk decisioning process in Provenir. The Provenir Platform then automates that process, instantly executing a pass, fail or refer result from a risk score. This powerful adapter:

  • Makes machine learning models more accessible to lenders that don’t employ dedicated machine learning experts.
  • Can give you a head start on machine learning with Amazon’s as-a-service model while capturing the full value of complex risk analytics and decisioning with Provenir.

Machine Learning Whitepaper

Machine Learning Credit Risk Models are More Accessible Than You Thought

Download the Whitepaper



Modernize Your Risk Stack with ProvAPI

For organisations that have adopted a Microservices style of architecture, or are looking to do so, Provenir supports the decomposition of business processes providing the capability to develop and expose business functions as discrete services.

Watch "Redesigning Loan Origination with Microservices"
An on-demand demo hosted by Provenir's Global Director of Solution Architecture, Mike LaFleur.

Watch the demo

Provenir is designed to support a Microservices architecture, and the intermediate steps in moving to one.

Provenir is:

  • Distributed – Can be deployed full stack or distributed by functionality.
  • Container Ready – Compatible with Amazon Container Service and Docker.
  • Extendable – Users maintain control with the power to add screens and Platform REST API’s.
  • MonitoredCloud admins are alerted for all events occurring outside established thresholds and performance SLA’s.
  • User-friendly – Data and functionality within Provenir is exposed using the visual ProvAPI interface.

With Provenir, you have the power to create REST APIs, which means the opportunities are endless. Using ProvAPI, you can expose the following (and much more) for use in a decisioning process.

  • Models and Scorecards
  • Age Calculations
  • Blacklist and OFAC Checks
  • Calls to third-party data providers
  • And more

Read more about ProvAPI

Have questions about Provenir's integrations capabilities? Let us know what you’re looking for and we will get back to you with additional information.

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