Modernize Your Risk Software with Provenir’s Microservices Solution

For organisations that have adopted a Microservices style of architecture, or are looking to do so, Provenir supports the decomposition of business processes providing the capability to develop and expose business functions as discrete services.

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Provenir is designed to support a Microservices architecture, and the intermediate steps in moving to one.

Provenir is:

  • Distributed – Can be deployed full stack or distributed by functionality.
  • Container Ready – Compatible with Amazon Container Service and Docker.
  • Extendable – Users maintain control with the power to add screens and Platform REST API’s.
  • Monitored – Cloud admins are alerted for all events occurring outside established thresholds and performance SLA’s.
  • User-friendly – Data and functionality within Provenir is exposed using the visual ProvAPI interface.

With Provenir, you have the power to create REST APIs, which means the opportunities are endless. Using ProvAPI, you can expose the following (and much more) for use in a decisioning process.

  • Models and Scorecards
  • Age Calculations
  • Blacklist and OFAC Checks
  • Calls to third-party data providers
  • And more

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Microservices Overview | ProvenirMaking the move to microservices?

This overview of microservices in financial technology will light your way.

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