Provenir Integration Adapter for Salesforce

Salesforce is the go-to customer relationship management (CRM) solution for many financial services firms. Unfortunately, connecting Salesforce with the internal and external systems needed to execute sophisticated risk analytics and decisioning can be difficult. Banks, card issuers, and fintech companies are often left to manually extract and duplicate data from Salesforce to complete required credit checks, risk scoring and due diligence processes using legacy systems.

Automate Loan Origination Within Salesforce

That’s why you need a fast, simple way to connect Salesforce to credit and lending decisioning processes. With Provenir’s easily configured, pre-built adapter, the Provenir Platform integrates with Salesforce for seamless data exchange and real-time risk analytics and decisioning using a single data set. Now, you can automate complex analytics and decisioning processes – all from your Salesforce environment.

Extend the value of Salesforce within your organization:

  • Eliminate the manual work required to move data between legacy systems with Provenir’s ability to listen for, read, and write data into and out of Salesforce,
  • Automatically decision applications, displaying results to your loan originations interface within Salesforce.
  • Orchestrate and simplify KYC, AML, and other regulatory compliance processes from end-to-end, within your Salesforce compliance interface.
  • Manage on-demand analytics and reporting, leveraging structured and unstructured data within Salesforce and other third-party BI solutions like SAS and Tableau.
  • Leverage information aggregated from Salesforce and other systems to generate customer-specific, real-time sales and marketing offers.

Simplify analytics and decisioning automation within Salesforce
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