Operationalizing Analytics Models

Operationalize Financial Risk Models in Hours;
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The Provenir Platform is unique in its ability to quickly and easily import multiple types of risk models so that they can be operationalized in automated decisioning processes. Because the integration is “model agnostic”, simple and complex models and scorecards developed in third-party tools such as SAS, R and Excel or exported using PMML or MathML can be imported, validated and mapped via easy-to-use wizards.

Learn how easy it really is to operationalize risk models with Provenir.

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For example, Provenir Studio allows you to execute spreadsheets within a business process or workflow. Spreadsheet input and its calculated results can be visually mapped using the wizard. The spreadsheet object lets business users create and maintain complex calculations and lookups in Excel and import them into Provenir for runtime execution.

With Provenir, there is no need for programming, enabling models to be imported and operationalized in minutes. This exclusive capability extends the value of your investment in industry-standard modeling tools while ensuring that automated risk decisioning processes developed in Provenir are always using the most accurate and up-to-date risk models.


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