Digital Merchant Onboarding

Create Digital Merchant Onboarding Experiences that Wow Your Merchants

As a financial services company, you’re constantly looking for ways to give merchants a faster and smoother onboarding experience. But, strict compliance regulations and evolving fraud risks make balancing your risk strategy with powering a world-class digital merchant onboarding experience a challenge.

What often makes this challenge more difficult is trying to adapt your existing technology to keep pace with evolving business needs. So, how do you digitize your risk strategy to power a first-class digital merchant onboarding experience without increasing risk?

Global financial services organizations around the globe look to Provenir to help them solve this exact problem.

The Provenir Platform is designed to do one thing—empower our partners take control of their risk strategy. Our Risk Decisioning and Data Science Platform makes it quick and easy to create, adjust, and implement risk processes. Using our technology, financial services organizations like you are able to deliver enhanced digital merchant onboarding experiences powered by an agile platform that supports fully automated onboarding, fraud and AML processes, KYC, and risk decisioning.

Provenir puts the power of digital merchant onboarding in your hands:

  • Onboard merchants in real-time
    Avoid abandonment causing delays with automated onboarding. With increasing competition for merchants from innovative fintechs who can onboard merchants in the blink of an eye, you need a merchant onboarding software that empowers you to create real-time onboarding processes without sacrificing your risk strategy. With Provenir you can create fully automated onboarding processes that meet all compliance and KYC regulations. Whether it’s a straight through process or more complex processes to verify high-risk merchants you’ll be able to make decisions in real-time.
  • Gain agility and independence
    Eliminate reliance on vendors and reduce the burden on dev teams with the low-code platform that puts your risk team in control. The easy to use drag and drop interface empowers your business users to quickly and easily create, adjust, and deploy merchant risk management processes, from implementing risk models to adjusting process components. With your team no longer waiting on tech or vendor support to make changes you’ll gain the agility to quickly respond to new threats and take advantage of new market opportunities, making your business more competitive.
  • Future proof your investment
    Build a future proof merchant onboarding solution that can grow and adapt to your changing business needs now and in the future. Provenir’s powerful and flexible Risk Decisioning and Data Science Platform supports microservices, API connections, and multi-cloud environments so you can quickly build unique and innovative onboarding components and processes, so you can easily adjust the system to support new business activities. Be confident in your future growth plans with the Platform’s auto-scaling feature that ensures your technology grows with your business.
  • Get the benefits of building in-house without the dev work
    Considering building your digital merchant onboarding software in-house? Why wouldn’t you be, after all, it makes sense that you want to be in control of your technology and we get that. That’s why we designed Provenir to give you the benefits of an in-house build without placing the development burden on your team. Basically, we provide the building blocks, and you edit and arrange those blocks into your own unique merchant onboarding platform. From our integration wizard that simplifies data source access to our model agnostic platform that eliminates recoding delays, Provenir makes it easier to take control of your risk strategy without having to build your own technology.

If you Can’t Onboard Your Merchants in Minutes, Your Competitors Can

Here’s some advice on catching up.

The Solution to Merchant Onboarding Challenges

  • Respond to risks faster—with Provenir’s model agnostic platform
    Help your team quickly deploy new risk models to tackle new risks or take advantage of new opportunities by eliminating recoding delays. With the Provenir Platform your data science team can deploy models in R, SAS, Python, PMML, or Excel, reducing the reliance on dev teams so models are deployed exactly when you need them.
  • Access the data you need—with Provenir’s data integration wizard
    Don’t let data access challenges slow you down, use Provenir’s integration wizard to make access to both internal and external, structured and unstructured data sources quick and easy. The integration wizard eliminates vendor dependence and puts the power of data access in your hands. Business users can create and edit data mapping using the drag and drop interface, letting your risk users control integrations and access the data they need to make smarter decisions.
  • Power a world-class digital merchant onboarding process—with fully automation
    Streamline your merchant onboarding processes using one platform to handle KYC, AML, transaction monitoring, and risk analytics. Replace your separate systems with one cohesive and agile platform that can automate all merchant onboarding processes. With one powerful merchant onboarding solution you’ll be able to make faster and smarter decisions that win new customers.
  • Make more accurate decisions—with advanced data analytics
    Advances in data science—such as machine learning and artificial intelligence—can help you better predict fraud and identify risk. Use Provenir’s easy to use low-code platform to easily integrate advanced analytics into your merchant onboarding processes. Take advantage of a preconfigured connection to Amazon ML to kick-start your data analytics.
  • Rapidly adapt to regulatory changes—using the low-code platform
    Staying ahead of evolving regulations is vital for business growth. Empower your business users to implement required changes and process updates using the low-code platform that makes hard-coding a thing of the past.

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