The Technology for Your FinTech Credit Risk Challenges

As a Fintech company you’re known for providing merchants, SMEs, and consumers with a fast, frictionless service. But when your fintech grows from an innovative startup to industry disruptor it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain those incredibly high levels of service. Adapting your technology to keep pace with business growth is often a challenge, especially when it involves making changes to hard-coded solutions. So, how do you efficiently scale your FinTech credit risk decisioning processes without increasing risk or sacrificing the user experience?

We’re working with industry leading fintechs across the globe to help them create a solution that solves this exact problem.

Provenir has one simple mission—to empower our partners to rapidly implement and make changes to their risk strategy. Our risk decisioning and data science platform helps fintechs like you deliver more value to your clients and your business with a unified, agile platform for fully automated onboarding, KYC, instant credit scoring, and payment processing.

Provenir puts the power of the risk process in your hands:

  • Build your FinTech credit risk decisioning solution, but not from scratch.
    You want to be in control of creating your own risk decisioning solution, and we absolutely understand why. When innovation and technology are at the heart of your business it makes sense that you want to design and build your own technology. Why wouldn’t you?
    But, what if you could design and be in control of the technology, but without having to build out every component from scratch? Provenir has created a powerful and flexible risk decisioning and data science platform that lets you do just that. Basically, we provide the plumbing, you configure it into your own unique solution.
  • Power innovation
    You’re known for being innovative, so you need a solution that helps you maintain your innovative flare! Provenir makes it easy to test new risk strategies, explore new data sources, and get actionable insights with data science tools. Our advanced data analytics platform lets you get deeper into the data so you can make quicker, more informed decisions that power your next step!
  • Achieve rapid time to market.
    As a disrupter you’re never standing still, but product launch delays make it harder to keep moving forward. At Provenir, we understand that you want to stay ahead of the curve and to do that you need to get new products to market quickly. Remove the challenges that cause delays using our integration wizard that simplifies integration to internal and external data sources, our model agnostic platform that eliminates recoding work, and our low-code interface that lets you quickly reuse decisioning components to reduce build out time.
  • Support evolving FinTech credit risk needs
    Growing your business shouldn’t mean losing your agility. Visual configuration tools let business users create and change decisioning rules as well as deploy new and updated models and processes without high-cost vendor engagements or extensive coding or scripting. With Provenir you can stay focused on making the changes that make your business more competitive.

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The Solution to Fintech Risk Decisioning Challenges

Stay ahead of evolving risk—using Provenir’s model agnostic platform

Empower your data science and risk teams to make quick and easy changes to risk models and processes using the Provenir Platform. The model agnostic platform lets you test and operationalize risk models in your decisioning processes in minutes. Eliminate recoding delays by deploying models in your language of choice including SAS, R, Python, PMML and Excel.

Maintain your agility—with Provenir microservices

Banks are burdened with heavy monolithic technology that prevents them from quickly and easily adapting to today’s instant everything market. Our microservices architecture is designed to let you keep the agility you need to maintain a customer focused approach that can pivot at the drop of a hat!

Stay connected—with API support

APIs are the building blocks that connect you to the world and make your technology fast and agile. APIs are at the heart of our technology, so you can easily connect your technology building blocks to create a technology solution that drives business growth and efficiency.

Support instant decisioning across product verticals—with fully automated processes

Your customers expect instant everything, even for high-risk products and services. The Provenir Platform can automate complex decisioning processes and use real-time data analytics to power instant decisioning.

Access the data you need to make smarter decisions—with the Provenir integration wizard

The amount of data available is immense, but accessing that data is. Often a time-consuming process, especially when integrations are hard-coded. The Provenir integration wizard makes it quick and easy for your risk team to integrate to a wide variety of structured and unstructured data sources whether internal or external. Use alternative data to improve decisioning accuracy and expand your market opportunities!

Power advanced data analytics—with machine learning and artificial intelligence

Machine learning and AI have the power to help you predict fraud and default risk. Provenir supports the rapid deployment of advanced machine learning models into your risk analytics to improve your predictive models and gain advanced insights into your data. You can also take advantage of Provenir’s pre-built adapter to easily integrate Amazon ML into your data analytics processes.

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