Merchant Acquiring and KYC for Payments

Payments firms face immense competitive pressure and must offer attractive rates in order to attract and maintain merchants. However, extensive compliance requirements demand a smart balance between speed and risk management.

Often, disparate origination, risk decisioning, transaction monitoring and payment processors make quick, efficient, and compliant service. With Provenir, you gain a unified, agile platform that streamlines merchant onboarding, KYC, risk analytics and decisioning, AML and fraud processes.

With Provenir you can:

  • Accelerate merchant onboarding and decrease acquisition costs with visually configurable integration adapters that simplify aggregation from structured and unstructured data sources.
  • Simplify compliance with KYC built into the merchant onboarding process.
  • Automate decisioning with easily operationalized, industry-standard risk models built in R, SAS, Excel, and PMML.
  • Automate AML processes that monitor transactions, identifying and flagging behaviors associated with money laundering or fraud.
  • Rapidly accommodate business and regulatory change with visual configuration tools to quickly configure, test and optimize user interfaces, rules, processes and integrations without any programming or dependence on Provenir.

If you Can’t Onboard Your Merchants in Minutes, Your Competitors Can

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