Your Decisioning Goal: Make Real Time Risk Decisions

Power Real Time Risk Decisions

Real-time rides, on demand entertainment, instant bookings. Services in today’s world are responding faster, giving more, and providing customers with what they need exactly when they need it. As an innovative financial services provider, you know that if you can’t make real time risk decisions and approve loans in an instant your customers aren’t just going to be frustrated, they’re going to look elsewhere.

To compete against growing competition and increasingly innovative lenders you need technology that supports real time decision making and powers instant approvals. You need a solution that can take loan requests from application to approved automatically without increasing risk. You need software that delivers a world class consumer experience.

Make Real Time Risk Decisions in Under a Second with Powerful Automation Software

Giving customers approvals in under a second requires powerful automation to move the application rapidly through the decisioning process. Provenir’s drag and drop user interface lets you create sophisticated business processes to manage instant loan origination.

Use the platform to power application decisioning, due diligence, KYC checks, credit risk scoring, and loan pricing. Create real time risk decision processes that push simple applications straight through and flag higher risk requests for additional checks.

With Provenir you can automate the manual tasks that cause delays, be confident that loans are accurately decisioned, and provide your customers with instant approvals and a consumer experience that wins new business.

Support Instant Decisioning with More Data

Without access to the right data at the right time powering accurate and instant risk decisions is impossible. So, to make the decisions that drive business growth in milliseconds rather than minutes, your business needs to be able to integrate with the data sources that support accurate decisioning. But that’s often a problem.

One of the biggest challenges financial services organizations face is data integration. Whether it’s getting new integrations created or updating existing connections, integrating data is often a slow and painful process. Instead of taking hours or days to connect to new sources, risk teams are often forced to wait weeks or even months to bring new data into their risk decision making processes. This doesn’t just slow down the launch of new data models and products, it exposes your business to unnecessary risk.

With Provenir, creating new integrations is put in the hands of your risk team. With zero vendor reliance and minimal input from dev teams, your business-users will be able to map new integrations using Provenir’s integration wizard. This low-code, drag and drop tool eliminates hardcoding, which means more flexibility, greater agility, and data access exactly when you need it. Create connections to internal, external, structured and unstructured data sources and let Provenir’s powerful orchestration abilities gather data into one cohesive risk decisioning platform.

Deploy Sophisticated Risk Models and Scorecards

Your risk team can mitigate risk and drive huge innovations in your real time decisioning using sophisticated risk models. But just like data source integration, model deployment is often prone to long delays.

To win new customers and stay ahead of risk you need to empower your team to push models live today instead of weeks or even months from now. The Provenir Platform eliminates the challenges that slow deployment down such as recoding delays, vendor reliance, and dev team dependence.

Whether your team works in R, Python, Spark, Excel or something else, Provenir supports model uploads in a wide range of languages. This means that instead of passing a model to your dev team and then waiting for it to be recoded into a supported language, you can simply upload models. No waiting for recoding rework, just models uploaded exactly when you need them.

Provenir’s low-code platform also eliminates vendor reliance by simplifying model deployment. Your risk team will be able to manage the upload of models in real-time and let the platform extract the fields for mapping. With a drag and drop interface models can easily be mapped to data sources and integrated into real time decisioning processes without any reliance on a vendor! Instead, Provenir puts your risk team in charge of uploading, testing, and deploying new models.

The Solution to Creating a Cohesive Real-Time Decisioning Ecosystem

With Provenir’s real time decisioning Platform you can create a cohesive decisioning system that supports real time credit decisions and empowers your team to implement sophisticated risk strategies.

With the power to combine data orchestration, risk models, credit pricing, and automated decisioning processes within one risk ecosystem your business can make real time risk decisions that expand your market and drive business growth.

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